Vince Broomfield is a musician extraordinaire.

Vince Broomfield is a musician extraordinaire. I’ve been working with him since late 90’s, rightafter I moved to S FL. Right now, he has a single, ‘Who’s That Beautiful Lady’ in the top 10 for [...]

Avid Unbundle Pro Tools HD

Today at IBC 2016 Avid are announcing Pro Tools 12.6 software with a raft of new features, some HD only and some for all Pro Tools users. They are also announcing major changes with the way [...]

Iain Archer: Making Career-Defining Moments

Hailing from Northern Ireland, songwriter, producer and artist Iain Archer has seen great successes both in front of the microphone and behind the scenes in the studio. With a passion and longstanding dedication to his [...]

Native Instruments REAKTOR 6 BLOCKS

REAKTOR 6 BLOCKS Blocks combine the freedom and flexibility of modular patching with the trademark DSP quality of REAKTOR. Over 40 feature-rich Blocks are included, offering limitless inspiration and sonic creativity. Load as many [...]