Vince Broomfield is a musician extraordinaire.

Vince Broomfield is a musician extraordinaire. I’ve been working with him since late 90’s, rightafter I moved to S FL. Right now, he has a single, ‘Who’s That Beautiful Lady’ in the top 10 for the UK Soul chart. It’s also #11 on the Sweet Rhythms charts. Vince Broomfield was born and raised in sunny [...]

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Avid Unbundle Pro Tools HD

Today at IBC 2016 Avid are announcing Pro Tools 12.6 software with a raft of new features, some HD only and some for all Pro Tools users. They are also announcing major changes with the way HD hardware and software are bundled. With Pro Tools 12.6 it will be possible to buy Pro Tools HD software [...]

Iain Archer: Making Career-Defining Moments

Hailing from Northern Ireland, songwriter, producer and artist Iain Archer has seen great successes both in front of the microphone and behind the scenes in the studio. With a passion and longstanding dedication to his craft, Avid Pro Tools is a key tool within all areas of his work, winning him multiple industry awards and [...]

Native Instruments REAKTOR 6 BLOCKS

REAKTOR 6 BLOCKS Blocks combine the freedom and flexibility of modular patching with the trademark DSP quality of REAKTOR. Over 40 feature-rich Blocks are included, offering limitless inspiration and sonic creativity. Load as many oscillators, filters, effects, modulators, and sequencers as you need to patch your dream modular rig. Use Blocks to connect to [...]

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